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by Jorge Cramez


Jota, a rebellious teenager, spends his days and nights on his motorbike. Constantly clashing with his teachers, father and even his friends, he finds meaning in life. Between racing, fighting, boozing and smoking, this bad boy who fears nothing does however have the burden of his mother’s death on his conscience; something he tries to forget because he feels responsible. One afternoon, Jota helps fish the chemistry teacher’s daughter out of a river she’d fallen into as a result of bullying school kids. It is love at first sight. Firmly opposed to this relationship, Margarida’s father tries everything to put a stop to it ...

original title: O Capacete Dourado
country: Portugal
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Jorge Cramez
film run: 83'
release date: PT 20/09/2007
screenplay: Jorge Cramez
cast: Eduardo Frazão, Ana Moreira, Rogério Samora, Alexandre Pinto, Henrique Martins, Carloto Cotta, Jaime reitas, Maria João Nunes, Alexandra Lencastre, Teresa Madruga, Rita Blanco, Joaquim Leitão, Teresa Villaverde
cinematography by: Inês Carvalho
film editing: Jaime Freitas
art director: Stephen Malho
costumes designer: Yara Jerónimo
producer: Paulo Branco
production: Clap Filmes
backing: ICAM, RTP
distributor: Atalanta Filmes
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