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by Corso Salani


Imatra is located at the edges of Europe. This Finnish town, next to the Russian border, offers the visitor several points of interest. In addition to being home to the man who invented a revolutionary machine to gut herrings, Imatra has an extremely attractive tourist attraction (spectacular waterfalls) hidden away to ensure their exploitation for electricity. No urban planning has ever been implemented, and the economy has only taken off thanks to the continuous inflow of Russian tourists who come to take advantage of cheap prices. Imatra is in fact a median zone between the wealth of the Scandinavian countries and the poverty of the remnants of the Soviet Union. In this strange place, which seems remote from everything, Blanca, a Spanish teacher, has come for break after a difficult break up with her partner. But her ex comes to join her in Imatra, under the pretext of shooting a film there...

original title: Imatra
country: Italy
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Corso Salani
screenplay: Corso Salani, Vanessa Picciarelli
cast: Paloma Calle
cinematography by: Corso Salani
film editing: Corso Salani, Vanessa Picciarelli
producer: Gregorio Paonessa, Corso Salani
production: Vivo Film
distributor: Vivo film S.r.l.
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