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by Benedek Fliegauf


Why would someone leave his dog in the apartment of a person he doesn’t know? Why shouldn't we let into our homes those beings that only talk at night? What does a father do if he thinks his own daughter's body disgusting and provocative? What is a waiter looking for in a stomach of a huge fish which almost capsized a docked boat? What does a person bring to a personal meeting with a dead friend? What does a girl do when she discovers she is becoming more and more like her sadistic grandmother who disappeared without a trace years ago? How do you find someone who ran all his entire fortune through a paper-shredder? The protagonists of Rengeteg live in Budapest, in a city that will one day disappear into the fog, like all the rest.

international title: Forest
original title: Rengeteg
country: Hungary
sales agent: Magyar Filmunió
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Benedek Fliegauf
release date: HU 11/09/2003
screenplay: Benedek Fliegauf
cast: Rita Braun, Barbara Csonka, Gábor Dióssy, Bálint Kenyeres, Edit Lipcsei, Félix Péter Mátyássi
cinematography by: Zoltán Lovasi
film editing: Lili Fodor
art director: Raptors’ Kollektíva
music: Raptors’ Kollektíva
producer: András Muhi
production: Inforg-M&M Film
backing: Magyar Mozgókép Közalapítvány, Nemzeti Kulturális Örökség Minisztériuma

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