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by Rodrigo Plá


Teenager Alejandro lives in The Zone, an enclosed, residential haven of wealth and privilege in the middle of Mexico DF, protected by private security guards, surrounded by shocking poverty. In the early hours of his birthday, three kids from the slums break into one of the Zone’s houses. In the bungled robbery that follows, an old woman is killed, but her housemaid escapes and warns security. The guards take swift, brutal action: two of the young intruders are shot dead. The third - Miguel - escapes and flees deeper into the Zone. A group of resident's meet at Alejandro's family home, and quickly decide not to report the event to the authorities, but to track the intruder down themselves and administer their own justice. The manhunt begins. The Zone's residents - adults and children alike - are caught up in a show burning frenzy of fear and simmering violence. Dissenters are treated at first with suspicion, then with naked hostility.

international title: The Zone
original title: La zona
country: Spain, Mexico
sales agent: Goodfellas
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Rodrigo Plá
film run: 98'
release date: ES 09/11/2007, FR 26/03/2008, BE 24/09/2008
screenplay: Laura Santullo
cast: Daniel Giménez Cacho, Carlos Bardem, Daniel Tovar, Alan Chávez, Mario Zaragoza, Marina de Tavira, Maribel Verdú
cinematography by: Emiliano Villanueva
film editing: Ana García
producer: Ricardo Fernandez-Deu, Rafael Cuervo
production: Morena Films, Fidecine, Estrategia, Buenaventura Pictures
distributor: Alta Films, Memento Films (FR), Paradiso Film (BE), NonStop Entertainment

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