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by Alexandra Westmeier


They have stolen, committed assault, killed: all whilst still under fourteen years of age. These youngsters, who live in closed institutions in the Urals, are all quite ready to recount their offences and their lives. Their unhappy expressions only brighten when they talk of their passions and their hopes. This rehabilitation centre provides them with food and clothing. They go to school and practice sports. They no longer have to fight to survive, since they have found a temporary refuge. Many of them have had no family or reliable support in life. There is no place for them in the sad world of their parents, who are often alcoholics, unemployed, living in hovels. Ljoscha, a thief, has just arrived. He was not even able to say goodbye to his mother. Fighting back tears, he tries to adapt to his new environment. Tolja, a murderer, is soon to be released. His village, to which he plans to return, offers him no chance of redemption: «They should execute the kid».

international title: Alone in Four Walls
original title: Allein In Vier Wänden
country: Germany
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Alexandra Westmeier
film run: 85'
cinematography by: Inigo Westmeier
film editing: Alexandra Westmeier
producer: Alexandra Westmeier
production: Linger On Filmproduction
backing: WDR, MDR Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, ARTE
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