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by Davide Barletti, Lorenzo Conte


The life of a criminal in Salento in the 1980s, and the “paradise lost” of a man who renounces a stable, middle-class life to sink into an inferno of heroin, underground gambling dens and organised crime.

original title: Fine pena mai
country: Italy
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Davide Barletti, Lorenzo Conte
release date: IT 29/02/2008
cast: Claudio Santamaria, Valentina Cervi
cinematography by: Alberto Iannuzzi
film editing: Roberto Missiroli, Paolo Petrucci
producer: Amedeo Pagani
production: Classic Srl, Paradis Films, Verdeoro
backing: EUROIMAGE, Provincia di Lecce, Regione Puglia
distributor: Mikado
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