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by Peter Entell


It is six months after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans. Its inhabitants –mostly poor Afro-Americans – have lost their family, homes, and work. And now, at St. Augustine Church the axe has just fallen. The archdiocese has announced it will close the church parish and send old Father Ledoux away. Here at St. Augustine Church for the first time slaves and whites sat side by side, singing to God. Many people say this is where jazz was born. Why has this new catastrophe happened? Do the people who have lost so much, now risk losing their faith as well.

original title: Shake The Devil Off
country: Switzerland
sales agent: Show and Tell Films
year: 2007
genre: documentary
directed by: Peter Entell
screenplay: Peter Entell, Lydia Breen
cast: Père Jerome LeDoux, Sandra Gordon, Al Harris
cinematography by: Jon Bjorgvinsson
film editing: Peter Entell
music: Famille Marsalis, Treme Brass Band, Esquizito, Mother Tongue, Michael White
producer: Irène Challand
production: Show and Tell Films, ARTE France, RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse
distributor: Show and Tell Films

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