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by Ivo Macharácek


Three 16-year-old Prague lads, Honza, Jirka and Vaąek, who decide to lose their virginity during the summer vacation. They find a suitable base on a neglected farm in the village of Lečice where their chances of success are greatly improved by the presence of four local girls with similar designs. The ostensibly simple task which the sex-hungry Praguers and the obliging village lasses have set themselves is, however, beset by a series of obstacles, not least the fierce local tractor-driver Duąín...

international title: Virginity Sucks
original title: Panic je nanic
country: Czech Republic
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Ivo Macharácek
screenplay: Tomáą Kresta
cast: David Voboril, Michal Hruska, Tomás Zatecka, Sárka Vanková, Ivana Korolová, Katerina Odarcenková
cinematography by: Tomás Kresta
film editing: Zdenek Marek
art director: Petr Fort
costumes designer: Alice Klouzková
music: Frantiąek Soukup, Jakub Prachař
production: Bioscop
distributor: Bioscop
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