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by Aris Movsesijan


Aporia is a story about a famous middle-aged actor, Čulibrk, who, on the last day of shooting, finds out that he is terminally ill. Despite the news he decides to continue with the film. At the shooting he re-experiences his life he subjected to his career. At the same time the last scene disappears from the screenplay. In such situation, when a solution of the absurd film is being sought as well as of life, we meet the actor in various tragicomic situations.

original title: Aporia
country: Slovenia
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Aris Movsesijan
film run: 85'
screenplay: Aris Movsesijan
cast: Marko Baćović, Sergej Trifunović, Boris Komnenić, Jasmina Ivaniąević Večanski, Leana Vučković, Gorica Popović
cinematography by: Miloą Spasojević
film editing: Branislav Godic
costumes designer: Boris Caksiran
producer: Jani Kovič
production: Studio Arkadena
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