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by Thomas François, Bernard Declercq


Sixteen year-old Seb was abandoned at birth. He can't bare a quiet moment : he rushes on, grabbing, pouncing, then discarding...He hangs out with his friends, night after night, up to no good in the neighbourhood...One day Seb decides to get hold of his adoption file. He needs to be eighteen to read it, so he sets up a scam with his elder friend Sam. Just before getting busted they manage to catch Seb's biological father's name : Pierre Mertens. After calling up all the Pierre Martens entries in the phone book, Seb decides to seek out one of them who caught his fancy. A marginal guy, manager of a climbing centre by day, gambler by night...Fascinated, Seb cheats and lies in order to win his affection. He meets his daughter Julie, who falls in love with him ! One evening, Seb realises that Pierre can't be his father. He goes back to his original mission, in search of an encounter which is not what he had in mind...

original title: Control X
country: Belgium
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Thomas François, Bernard Declercq
release date: BE 10/10/2007
screenplay: Thomas François, Diana Elbaum, Bernard Declercq
cast: Bruno Borsu, Simon Fraud, Mehdi Hammouti, Magloire Goblet, Camille de Leu
producer: Diana Elbaum
production: Entre Chien et Loup, BPC, Cassis, CFB, Poponcini & Lootens
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