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by Alexander Voulgaris


Vassilis Galis is a young man having trouble growing up. His mother was diagnosed with cancer when he was a boy but she got better. Subsequently her vision of life was changed radically and she left her family to embark on new adventures. Vassilis hasn’t seen her since but her absence has left a telling mark on the whole family. His father hardly speaks anymore and his brother, now a famous movie star, is afraid of emotion. Vassilis has problems reaching out to other people and the only steadfast part of his life through the years has been his dog, Roz. When Vassilis meets eleven and a half year old Snezana, a strong friendship begins to develop and Vassilis starts descending ever deeper back into his childhood realm.

international title: Pink
original title: Roz
country: Greece
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Alexander Voulgaris
screenplay: Alexander Voulgaris
cast: Alexander Voulgaris, Argiris Thanasoulas, Romanna Lobats, Christina Mathea, Dimitris Veanos
cinematography by: Simon Sarketzis
film editing: Panos Voutsaras
art director: Maria Karandzi, Nikos Pomonis, Dionisis Thanos, Dimitris Trimintzios
costumes designer: Persa Zaharia
producer: Alexander Voulgaris, Pantelis Voulgaris
production: Alco Films, Sonic Playground (GR)
distributor: 2-1-0 Films
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