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by Guido Chiesa


Clouds appear to be all the same, but only from a distance; they change all the time, and even when they cause damage they are crucial to life on earth. In the same way, social movements put energy back into circulation; they are a response to bottled-up energies in the society at large. Guido Chiesa directs a sort of essay in images that stars a meteorologist, Luca Mercalli; a Scottish teenager, math and music whiz; and an animated cartoon scientist. The result is a highly illuminating and stirring allegory that links weather disturbances to the sensibility of those living on this planet here and now.

international title: Adam's Pears
original title: Le pere di Adamo
country: Italy, France, Denmark, Switzerland
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Guido Chiesa
film run: 90'
screenplay: Guido Chiesa, Wu Ming 3
cast: Luca Mercalli, Iain Mc Larty , François Loïc Glasman, Mariline Gurdon, Mitsou Doudeau, Sandra Bechtel
cinematography by: Luciano Federici, Kathleen Friend, Remy Mazet
film editing: Luca Gasparini
music: Teho Teardo
producer: Silvia Innocenzi, Giovanni Saulini, Lene Børglum, Tiziana Soudani
production: Orione Cinematografica, I.M.T.M. Sarl, Offbeat Film (DK), Amka Films (CH)
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