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by Tamás Tóth


A small Siberian village totally dependent upon reindeer breeding. Unexpectedly, wolves start to destroy the herds, sucking the animals’ blood without killing or eating them. The villagers are therefore forced to go to a faraway town to seek the help of a man thought to be the descendant of a Shaman and who knows how to communicate with animals. Initially, the hard-drinking man spends more time trying to seduce the village girls than he does trying to solve the problem in question, but sooner or later he has to confront a situation that is a sign of new times and has a profound effect upon everyone’s future.

international title: Wolf
original title: Farkas
country: Hungary, Russia
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Tamás Tóth
release date: HU 26/09/2007
screenplay: Tamás Tóth, Aleksandr Bashirov
cast: Aleksandr Bashirov, Vladimir Merov
cinematography by: Vladimir Bryliakov
film editing: Tamás Tóth
producer: Jeno Vass, Tamás Tóth, Oleg Urushev
production: MyFilm, Tomart Studio (HU), Jugra TV (RU)
backing: Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (MMKA)
distributor: Hungarotop
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