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by Irma Stelmach, Bartosz Werner


Three teenage boys live in the small town of Brandenburg in Germany. Nico has dropped out of school to make a career as a hip hop singer. Tino desperately wants to fulfil his mother’s expectations but struggles to pass his exams. As for Oli, his ambition is to open a nightclub. Their problems seem insurmountable and only their friendship offers any sense of security.

international title: Prussian Gangstar
original title: Preußisch Gangstar
country: Germany
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Irma Stelmach, Bartosz Werner
film run: 88'
release date: DE 04/10/2007
screenplay: Bartosz Werner
cast: Mario Knofe, Benjamin Succow, Robert Ohde, Aline Staskowiak, Anne Helm, Ulrike Hübschmann
cinematography by: Andreas Bergmann, Ben Pohl
film editing: Marc Hofmeister
costumes designer: Gabriela Krampe
music: Benjamin Krbetschek
production: Hochschule für Film & Fernsehen "Konrad Wolf", Fortuna Film
distributor: Defa-spektrum Filmverleih
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