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by Attila Gigor


Tibor Malkáv kills a complete stranger to save his own mother. Tibor Malkáv murders Ferenc Szirmai. He receives the money and everything seems to be fine but next day Tibor Malkáv receives a letter from Ferenc Szirmai. They turn out to be no strangers at all. Tibor Malkáv is in trouble. He must find out who hired him if he would like to avoid being punished for what he did. Tibor Malkáv is a pathologist. Tibor Malkáv starts to follow a dead man to find out surprising things about himself.

international title: The Investigator
original title: Nyomozó
country: Hungary
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Attila Gigor
release date: HU 02/10/2008, FR 19/08/2009
screenplay: Attila Gigor
cast: Zsolt Anger, Csaba Czene, Éva Kerekes, Zsolt Zágoni, Péter Blaskó, József Tóth
cinematography by: Máté Herbai
film editing: Zoltán Kovács
art director: Sandra Sztevanovity
costumes designer: Bea Hoffmann
music: László Melis
producer: Ferenc Pusztai
production: KMH Film
distributor: Les Acacias (FR)

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