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by Catherine Castel (II)


Destined for a brilliant professional future but tired of reaching a ceiling and advancing no further in her career because she also has to look after her children, Marianne dreams of swapping roles with her husband Bruno so that he comes home earlier to take care of the home and she can devote more time to her job! Looking at the dream and the reality, the film casts a humorous eye on the fate of women today who are constantly juggling job, children and home, and are often the only ones to carry the burden of everything.

international title: 48 Hours a Day
original title: 48 heures par jour
country: France
sales agent: Pyramide International
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Catherine Castel (II)
release date: FR 04/06/2008, BE 11/06/2008
screenplay: Catherine Castel (II)
cast: Aure Atika, Antoine De Caunes, Victoria Abril, Aurore Clément, Catherine Jacob, Bernadette Lafont
cinematography by: Antoine Roch
film editing: Marie Castro
art director: Jean-Pierre Clech
costumes designer: Juliette Chanaud
music: Jacques Davidovici
producer: Yann Gilbert, Patrice Arrat
production: La Mouche du Coche Films, TF1 Studio Production, Canal+, Ciné+
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