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by Markku Pölönen


The Koppelo family, worn out after a number of travels, but united and strong, this family is proud of their history. They have their share of misfortunes but never stop believing in themselves: “We are not just any gang of vagabonds; we are part of world history!”

international title: The Matriarch
original title: Lieksa !
country: Finland
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Markku Pölönen
film run: 90'
release date: FI 14/09/2007
screenplay: Markku Pölönen
cast: Peter Franzén, Sanna-Kaisa Palo, Samuli Vauramo, Jenni Banerjee, Heikki Kinnunen
cinematography by: Jan Nyman
film editing: Markku Pölönen
art director: Pete Neuvonen
costumes designer: Tiina Kaukanen
producer: Petri Rossi, Jenni Lähteenmäki, Satu Sadinkangas
production: Suomen Filmiteollisuus Oy
distributor: Walt Disney Studios Finland
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