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by Filippo Cipriano


Upon the mysterious invitation of a count, a group of people find themselves dining and spending an entire night together in a Palladian villa. Each hopes that the invitation is linked to the sale of the villa: all of them would in fact like to buy it. The guests form a disparate bunch that includes members of the faded nobility, nouveau-riche “commoners”, blue-blooded gays, estranged servants and mythomaniac body guards. The accidental death of one of the hosts changes the tone of the evening and the fate of each of the guests. Old and new resentments surface, amidst unconfessable truths and surprising confessions, in an atmosphere of grotesque greed and foreboding of misfortune.

original title: Misstake
country: Italy
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Filippo Cipriano
release date: IT 28/03/2008
screenplay: Filippo Cipriano, Francesco Foppoli, Antonio Vicaretti
cast: Anna Valle, Remo Girone, Victoria Zinny, Giacomo Pozzetto, Guido Palliggiano, Sara Zanier, Ulisse Lendaro, Marco Massari
cinematography by: Marco Sirignano
film editing: Davide Molla
art director: Andrea Moret
costumes designer: Francesca Carmelini
music: Carlos Zarattini
producer: Ulisse Lendaro
distributor: Millennium Storm
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