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by Stefano Odoardi


In an apartment, the life of an elderly couple, married for many years, evolves like an old record player: slow and repetitious. The woman suffers from an incurable disease and has little time left to live. They have always lived quietly, but now even more so. Words can no longer express meanings. The presence of death makes every single action between the elderly couple, both important and definite.

international title: A White Ballad
original title: Una ballata bianca
country: Italy, Netherlands
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Stefano Odoardi
film run: 78'
release date: IT 07/12/2007
screenplay: Stefano Odoardi, Kees Roorda
cast: Nicola Lanci, Carmela Lanci, Simona Senzacqua
cinematography by: Tarek Ben Abdallah
film editing: Stefano Odoardi, Kees Roorda
art director: Stefano Odoardi
costumes designer: France De Martis
music: Carlo Crivelli
producer: Stefano Odoardi
production: C.F.H.C. (IT), O Film, Image Grabbing, Moskito Film, De Productie, Blue Door (NL)
backing: Abruzzo Film Commission
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