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by Claude-Michel Rome


Drieu is a police officer at the end of his career: weary, broken and tormented. This mysterious B.R.B leader is transferred to an unlikely provincial police station set for demolition within six months, in the heart of an industrial town in an isolated location at the bottom of Berre Lake, beset by pollution and heatwaves. Here, superintendent Vasseur and his team (Jean Ba, Wazeme and Katiha) are apathetic. Nobody believes in their work anymore. Laxness and disillusion prevail, which suits the "purposes" of the local gangsters who have become elusive and all-powerful. Caught between the desire to give up and the need to fight for his survival, Drieu chooses to cling for dear life to the police station logbook, this weighty compendium of statements and urban police operations. Full of petty crimes and cases without litigants, the logbook offers a glimpse of the human misery and desperation of those who have lost their way in life. Everything there seems so insignificant. And yet...

international title: Crossfire
original title: Les Insoumis
country: France
sales agent: TF1 Studio
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Claude-Michel Rome
release date: FR 11/06/2008
screenplay: Claude-Michel Rome, Olivier Dazat
cast: Richard Berry, Zabou Breitman, Pascal Elbé, Aïssa Maïga, Bernard Blancan, Moussa Maaskri
cinematography by: Jean-Marc Fabre
film editing: Stéphanie Mahet
art director: Bertrand Seitz
costumes designer: Jean-Daniel Vuillermoz
music: Frédéric Porte
producer: Philippe Rousselet, Etienne Comar
production: Les Films de la Suane, M6 Films, SND
distributor: SND (Société Nouvelle de Distribution) Films
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