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by Pupi Avati


Bologna 1938. Michele Casali has a serious problem. His only daughter, Giovanna, has just killed her best friend in a bout of jealousy. The girl, who is still an adolescent, is declared to be non compus mentis and is committed to a psychiatric hospital. During the time she spends in almost total isolation, the only person who looks after her is her father. This further strengthens the already strong father-daughter relationship from which Delia, the girl’s mother, has always been excluded. Sergio, who is a police inspector and a close friend of Michele’s, is witness to the terrible events. He is also secretly in love with Delia. In the winter of 1953, in a Bologna which is still recovering from the horrors of the war, Delia and Giovanna’s eyes lock in the darkness of a small cinema: Giovanna is by now much better and still in the company of her doting father. Her mother no longer has any doubts: this is the start of a new life, this time, together.

international title: Giovanna's Father
original title: Il papà di Giovanna
country: Italy
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Pupi Avati
film run: 104'
release date: IT 05/09/2008, NL 07/05/2009, BE 02/12/2009
screenplay: Pupi Avati
cast: Silvio Orlando, Alba Rohrwacher, Francesca Neri, Ezio Greggio, Serena Grandi
cinematography by: Pasquale Rachini
film editing: Amedeo Salfa
art director: Giuliano Pannuti
costumes designer: Mario Carlini, Francesco Crivellini
music: Riz Ortolani
producer: Pupi Avati
production: Duea Film, Medusa Film
distributor: Medusa Film, Cinemien Film & Video Distribution (NL), ABC distribution (BE)

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