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by Safy Nebbou


Elsa is fighting to keep custody of her son Thomas. One day, at a children’s birthday party, she notices a little 6-year-old girl. Immediately, she is convinced that Lola is the daughter she lost during a fire on the maternity ward. Obsessed by this uncontrollable feeling, she manipulatively inches her way into Lola’s life. Claire, Lola’s mother, allows a friendship to develop. Yet, gradually she becomes aware and fearful of Elsa’s unnatural behaviour to the point of insisting that she stop intruding in their lives. Elsa, seemingly crazy, challenges Claire by asking for DNA tests. The rivalry between the two mothers begins. An intense psychological face-off between two women who should never have met…

international title: Mark of an angel
original title: L'Empreinte de l'ange
country: France
sales agent: Celluloid Dreams
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Safy Nebbou
release date: FR 13/08/2008, BE 27/08/2008, NL 27/11/2008
screenplay: Safy Nebbou, Cyril Gomez-Mathieu
cast: Catherine Frot, Sandrine Bonnaire, Wladimir Yordanoff, Antoine Chappey, Michel Aumont, Sophie Quinton
cinematography by: Eric Guichard
film editing: Hugues Tabar-Nouval
art director: Hugues Tabar-Nouval
costumes designer: Corinne Jorry
music: Hugues Tabar-Nouval
producer: Michel Saint-Jean
production: Diaphana, France 3 Cinéma
distributor: Diaphana Distribution, Metrodome Distribution (UK)
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