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by Pavel Koutecký, Miroslav Janek


After the split of Czechoslovakia in 1992 former political dissident, playwright and outspoken essayist Václav Havel became the first president of a new country, the Czech Republic. A former enemy of the state and leader of the Velvet Revolution, Havel was given a popular mandate to transform that state and its institutions. On taking his new office, Havel invited his friend the documentarist Pavel Koutecký to capture the birth of their new nation. Filmed over ten years, this understated, witty and considered documentary gives a fascinating insight into Czech politics and the man who helped shape the history of the new republic.

international title: Citizen Havel
original title: Obcan Havel
country: Czech Republic
year: 2008
genre: documentary
directed by: Pavel Koutecký, Miroslav Janek
film run: 120'
release date: CZ 31/01/2008
cast: Václav Havel, Ivan Medek, Anna Freimanová, Vladimír Hanzel
film editing: Tonicka Janek
producer: Pavel Strnad
production: Film & Sociologie, Negativ Film Productions, Krátký Film Praha, TV Nova
distributor: Aerofilms
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