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by Catalin Saizescu


Romania. The near future. The Russian federation returns the Romanian Treasure. A statue, a ring, a Russian general, a billionaire arab, a commando, Mertanu’s gang, a police officer, a TV star, three boys and a girl, a dog, a collection car, nasty boys, mab guys, a bag full of money… all in a summer weekend.

international title: Weekend Millionaires
original title: Milionari de weekend
country: Romania
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Catalin Saizescu
screenplay: Mihail Sebastian Arghiropol, Catalin Saizescu
cast: George Alexandru, Mircea Badea, Vitalie Bantas, Mihai Bendeac, Dimitri Bogomaz, Magda Catone
cinematography by: Tudor Mircea
film editing: Tudor Chivulescu
art director: Carmen Tripadus
costumes designer: Ana Ioneci
producer: Mihai Orasanu
production: Total Professional Records
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