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by Klaus Händl


Christian, Berni and Elmar, three friends at university, borrow a car and drive into the forest in the middle of the night. They smoke their last cigarette then connect the exhaust to the interior of the car, get in and start the engine. Serenely, smiling slightly, they take a deep breath, and die. A few months later, in a small village in the Tyrol, Christian and Berni’s families are trying to live a normal life. Léo and Martina, brother and sister to the deceased, are lovers, in a somewhat up and down relationship. Their mourning parents also continue to live their lives as before. However, ever present grief afflicts them all, in waves of varying intensity. Sharing the same experience, which has become a taboo subject, these individuals, however close to one another, cannot communicate and share their feelings, each dealing in a different way with this terrible loss.

international title: March
original title: März
country: Austria
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Klaus Händl
film run: 83'
release date: AT 16/01/2009
screenplay: Klaus Händl
cast: Isolde Ferlesch, Florian Eisner, Julia Gschnitzer, Julia Strauhal
cinematography by: Gerald Kerkletz
film editing: Joana Scrinzi
art director: Julia Libiseller
costumes designer: Alexandra Bachlechner
producer: Klaus Händl, Antonin Svoboda
production: coop99
backing: Vienna Film Fund
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