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by Josué Méndez


On a fashionable nightclub dancefloor in Lima, a girl kisses boys, one after another, watched by her jealous brother Diego. The latter, in love with his sister Andrea, struggles with his nocturnal solitary and guilty pleasures. Andrea has her mind elsewhere and her own secrets to keep hidden. The two adolescents live apart from the world, far removed from the reality of their country, in a world in which even their laughter rings false, and servants stand in for absent mothers. But in their luxurious family villa by the sea, Diego and Andrea are above all disconnected from themselves and from what they might become. Their father Agustín, for his part, has brought his new girlfriend Elisa to the house. She is twenty years younger than he is, from a poor background, and lacks the reference points of the upper-crust society she now moves in. Taking place over a summer during which the young immerse themselves in sex and alcohol, Dioses dissects the malaise of a privileged Peruvian generation.

international title: Gods
original title: Dioses
country: Germany, France, Peru, Argentina
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Josué Méndez
film run: 91'
release date: FR 23/06/2010
screenplay: Josué Méndez
cast: Maricielo Effio, Sergio Gjurinovic, Anahí De Cardenas, Edgar Saba, Magaly Solier
cinematography by: Mario Bassino
film editing: Roberto Benavides
costumes designer: Leslie Hinojosa
music: Barbuy Leonardo
producer: Enid Campos, Hugo Castro Fau, Gúdula Meinzolt, Paulo de Carvalho, Miléna Poylo
production: Mil Colores Media, TS Productions, Cachoeira Films, Chullachaki Producciones (PE), Lagarto Cine (AR)
distributor: Bodega Films
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