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by Maitena Muruzabal, Candela Figueira


The winter season is approaching. In the snow chain packing section of a factory, the orders are starting to pile up. Javier, the manager, asks for more staff to be provided. Jairo is sent from another section while Ángela and Karmentxu are hired through a temporary work agency, for two weeks. From 6am to 2pm, the four of them pack snow chains in silence, each of them at their own workstation. Weather reports predict a storm, thus prolonging their time at work. Without realising, Ángela starts to break the work rules and, little by little, the rules begin to change.

international title: Under the Snow
original title: Nevando voy
country: Spain
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Maitena Muruzabal, Candela Figueira
release date: ES 11/07/2008
screenplay: Maitena Muruzabal, Candela Figueira
cast: Laura de Pedro, Gabriel Latorre, Xabi Yárnoz, Asun Aguinaco
cinematography by: Robert Christopher Webb
film editing: Eduardo Chibás Fernández
music: Gonzalo Díaz Yerro, Airam
producer: Maitena Muruzabal, Candela Figueira
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