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by Stefano Chiantini


Martina is a stewardess. One day at work, she has a chance encounter with Angelo. An exchange of glances between the stewardess and the passenger, plus the fact that Angelo has forgotten his diary on the plane, seem to set the stage for a love story. And when Martina discovers that Angelo and she are from the same town, she decides to return the diary in person. But as Martina reads more, entering deeper into Angelo’s life, she decides to put off returning it, in order to continue living the emotions she finds in the diary’s pages. When Martina finally forces herself to give the diary back, we discover that the two did not encounter each other on the plane by chance, and the diary was not “forgotten”: Angelo an d Martina have been involved with each other for awhile, in a relationship filled with ups and downs.

international title: Love is not enough
original title: L'amore non basta
country: Italy
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Stefano Chiantini
film run: 84'
release date: IT 18/04/2008
screenplay: Stefano Chiantini, Rocco Papaleo
cast: Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Marit Nissen, Alessandro Haber, Rocco Papaleo, Alessandro Tiberi, Ivan Franeck, Andrea Pietrantoni, Emanuela Scipioni
cinematography by: Giulio Pietromarchi
film editing: Cristina Flamini
art director: Angela Capuano
costumes designer: Sabrina Beretta
music: Piernicola Di Muro
producer: Selvaggia Sada, Fabio Antonelli
production: Liupo Film
distributor: Mediafilm S.P.A.
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