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by Francesco Ranieri Martinotti


One day Giulio, a young, highly successful real-estate agent, runs into Ilaria, the sister of a former classmate. She is apartment hunting with a much older man: the two are about to marry. Giulio is thunderstruck by Ilaria’s beauty, and thinks that her upcoming marriage is totally wrong. Back at the office, he receives an e-mail from Ilaria, asking him over to her place. Convinced that she has taken an interest in him, Giulio rushes to the encounter, and passion does break out between the two of them. But Giulio is disoriented by the messy love interests he suddenly discovers all around him: his father has a young Russian mistress, and his mother has a crush on one of her pupils. Not even the fact that Ilaria is madly in love with him, and willing to give up the security offered by marriage, can calm Giulio down.

original title: La seconda volta non si scorda mai
country: Italy
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Francesco Ranieri Martinotti
film run: 100'
release date: IT 11/04/2008
screenplay: Francesco Albanese, Francesco Ranieri Martinotti, Alessandro Siani
cast: Alessandro Siani, Elisabetta Canalis, Paolo Ruffini, Marco Messeri, Enzo Decaro, Fiorenza Marchegiani
cinematography by: Mario Amura
film editing: Mauro Menicocci
art director: Mario Pettinari
costumes designer: Anna Facchino
music: Pino Daniele
producer: Mauro Berardi
production: Luna Rossa Cinematografica
distributor: Mikado

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