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by Ian David Diaz


A hard-boiled crime thriller that takes place over the course of 24 hours or one day. Rebecca Ryan has been working as an undercover agent for the Organized Crime Division (OCD) posing as a taxi driver, while investigating London's south-side mob. When she finds her young daughter Lynn brutally murdered she fears her cover has been blown wide open, so she turns renegade and begins a brutal campaign of vengeance against the mob she believes killed her daughter.

original title: Bad Day
country: United Kingdom
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Ian David Diaz
screenplay: Ian David Diaz, Alan Dunlop, Anthony Ofoegbu
cast: Claire Goose, Donna Air, Anthony Ofoegbu, Robbie Gee, Sarah Harding, George Calil, Riana Husselmann, Tom Bacon, Keith Eyles
cinematography by: Alan Dunlop
film editing: Ian David Diaz
art director: Christophe Spurling
music: Dominic Glynn
producer: Gena Helen Ashwell, Ian David Diaz, Frank Hellebrand, Nicky Flook
production: Seventh Twelfth Collective Ltd
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