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by Tariq Teguia


Living almost as a recluse, the topographer Malek accepts a job in a region of western Algeria at the insistence of his friend Lakhdar. Malek arrives at the base camp previously used by a team, but decimated by fundamentalists. A young shepherd observes him from afar; several men, some armed, approach and question his being there. At dusk, the local police arrive for a routine visit. After the police have left, Malek is invited by the villagers to a makeshift party. During the night a series of explosions are heard. At dawn, Malek begins the first topographical readings, surveys the area surrounding the base camp and measures distances. During the night, again his sleep is disturbed by powerful explosions. The next morning, Malek sees a crowd along the edges of the mined field. On his return to the base camp, he discovers a young woman hiding in a corner of the Saharan hut. She’s an African woman and won’t give her name. Lakhdar arrives at the site, to find that both she and Malek have disappeared...

original title: Gabbla
country: France, Algeria
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Tariq Teguia
film run: 140'
cast: Kader Affak, Ines Rose Djakou, Ahmed Benaissa, Fethi Ghares, Kouider Medjahed, Djalila Kadi-Hanifi
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