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by Gianni Di Gregorio


Despite the fact he is a middle-aged man, Gianni lives in an old house in the centre of Rome with his mother, a woman of faded nobility who tyrannises him and leaves him only enough free time to go to the tavern. On the eve of the Feast of the Assumption holiday, the apartment block manager – aware of Gianni’s enforced “captivity” – suggests he look after his own mother for a couple of days, in return for the waiver of all the unpaid utility bills. When he turns up at his house also accompanied by his old aunt, Gianni feels rather ill. He therefore pays a visit to his doctor friend for a check-up, but even the latter leaves his old mother in Gianni’s care for the Feast of the Assumption…

international title: Mid-August Lunch
original title: Pranzo di Ferragosto
country: Italy
sales agent: Fandango
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Gianni Di Gregorio
film run: 75'
release date: IT 05/09/2008, FR 11/03/2009, DE 02/04/2009, ES 15/05/2009, BE 10/06/2009, NL 20/08/2009
screenplay: Gianni Di Gregorio
cast: Gianni Di Gregorio, Valeria De Franciscis, Marina Cacciotti, Maria Calì, Grazia Cesarini Sforza, Alfonso Santagata
cinematography by: Gian Enrico Bianchi
film editing: Marco Spoletini
art director: Susanna Cascella
music: Ratchev & Carratello
producer: Matteo Garrone
production: Archimede
backing: Ministero per Beni e le Attività Culturali (MiBAC)
distributor: Fandango Distribuzione, Le Pacte (FR), Alta Classics (ES), ABC distribution (BE), Cinemien (NL)
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