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by Paris Leonti


A gang of robbers have plotted together to steal millions of untraceable cash that is stacked in the underground vaults of The London Exchange Bank waiting for its last journey, 'Incineration'. The story begins with the gang checking in for a flight to join in with thousands of England supporters that are part of a mass exodus to Germany, on their way to the World Cup. But instead of passing through to Departure Lounge, they secretly head out to the car park, pile into a van and leave the Airport. Once in Central London, they hit The Bank in a spectacular way. They have their plan. They have their alibi. They have their target, and they have two and a half hours to be back boarding their plane. But, is robbing a bank so easy?

original title: Daylight Robbery
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: AV Pictures Ltd
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Paris Leonti
film run: 94'
release date: UK 29/08/2008
screenplay: Paris Leonti
cast: Geoff Bell, Vas Blackwood, Leo Gregory, Paul Nicholls, Robert Boulter, Johnny Harris, Justin Salinger
cinematography by: Milton Kam
film editing: Hasse Billing
art director: Will Field
music: Richard Chester
producer: Nick O'Hagan, Paris Leonti, James Johnson-Flint, Ivan McTaggart
production: Daylight Productions Ltd
distributor: Liberation Entertainment
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