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by Dario Piana


Ian Stone is an all-American kid with a great life and a wonderful girlfriend, Jenny Walker. Late one night, while driving home from a painful ice hockey loss, Ian comes across a bewildering discovery; something that looks like a dead body near a railroad crossing. investigating the grisly discovery, Ian is attacked by the 'corpse', forced onto the tracks and run over by an oncoming train...only to wake up in an office cubicle! He’s still alive and living with a beautiful but eerily mysterious woman called Medea. Jenny is still part of his life, but she’s not his girlfriend, just a co-worker and one of a number of apparently familiar faces surrounding him. That’s when Ian learns he is being hunted. Destined to repeat this cycle, Ian must make sense of his circumstances before his pursuers succeed in killing him again!

international title: The Deaths of Ian Stone
original title: The Deaths of Ian Stone
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: Odessey Entertainment
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Dario Piana
release date: IT 18/07/2008
screenplay: Brendan Hood
cast: Mike Vogel, Christina Cole, Jamie Murray
cinematography by: Stefano Morcaldo
film editing: Celia Haining
art director: Amanda McArthur
producer: Stan Winston, Brian Gilbert, Ralph Kamp, Louise Goodsill, Brendan Hood, Steve Christian
production: Stan Winston Studios
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