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by Joseph Warley, Nana Asomani-Poku


Mike Green is lost: no money, dead end job and a pregnant girlfriend. Since he was a boy, Mike has been in love with comic books and the escape they offer. When a leading publisher hears of Mike’s own comic book and offers him the chance of a meeting, without a thought Mike grabs what he can and heads for London. When things don’t go as planned a chance meeting with Lucy, a waitress haunted by her past, opens his eyes to the beauty of possibility and shows him that not everything is already drawn.

original title: Drawn
country: United Kingdom
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Joseph Warley, Nana Asomani-Poku
screenplay: Nana Asomani-Poku, Joseph Warley
cast: Staten Eliot, Katie Costick, Jacqueline Worth, Keith Ducklin
cinematography by: David Miller
film editing: Andi Meek
music: Paul Sheeky
producer: Joseph Warley, Staten Eliot, Nana Asomani-Poku
production: Stolen Beat Films, The Forward Motion Picture Company
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