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by Damjan Kozole


Tanya has a successful career, her husband Mare is an architect. One Friday, Tanya comes home late at night. Mare confronts her and they exchange some edgy words. What follows is the night of hateful and skilful twisting of words. Behind a façade of a successful couple, there are suppressed feelings of inferiority, weaknesses, deceit, frustration and traumas from their youth.

international title: Forever
original title: Za vedno
country: Slovenia
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Damjan Kozole
screenplay: Damjan Kozole
cast: Marjuta Slamič, Dejan Spasić, Peter Musevski, Mojca Parljič, Primož
cinematography by: Ales Belak
film editing: Jurij Moskon
art director: Zora Stancic
music: Igor Leonardi
producer: Danijel Hocevar
production: Vertigo
distributor: Cinemania group d.o.o.
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