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by Fien Troch


Grace is a woman still grappling with the disappearance of her daughter five years earlier. Her partner Lukas is trapped in his own helpless grief; he and Grace have long since stopped communicating. Even the anonymous caller who regularly phones refuses to speak. As Grace confronts a series of small absurdities in her apartment building, Lukas finds himself unable to complete even the most pressing of daily tasks. When the family dog dies, he is powerless to act.

international title: Unspoken
original title: Unspoken
country: Belgium
sales agent: The Works International
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Fien Troch
release date: BE 18/02/2009, NL 09/04/2009
screenplay: Fien Troch
cast: Emmanuelle Devos, Bruno Todeschini
cinematography by: Frank van den Eeden
film editing: Ludo Troch
art director: François Lefebvre
music: Peter van Laerhoven
producer: Antonino Lombardo
production: Prime Time, Versus Production
distributor: Cinéart

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