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by Kristijan Milic


The first story takes place in 1993. during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the second one takes place in 1943. during the World War II. Both stories parallely complement one another during the film and after numerous disturbing events finally collide at a secret timeless cemetery. Considered to be cursed, the cemetery is the place where powerful forces are released before dawn: the Fire force- alternately present in both stories, and the force of the Dead- the force of people who died in all wars...

international title: The Living and the Dead
original title: Zivi i mirtvi
country: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Kristijan Milic
film run: 87'
screenplay: Josip Mlakic
cast: Filip Sovagović, Velibor Topic, Slaven Knezović, Marinko Prga, Borko Peric, Bozidar Oreskovic, Miro Barnjak, Enes Vejzović
cinematography by: Dragan Markovic
film editing: Goran Guberovic
art director: Kemal Hrustanovic
costumes designer: Vedrana Rapic
music: Andrija Milic
producer: Igor Nola, Domagoj Pavic, Marijo Vukadin, Miro Barnjak

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