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by Knut Erik Jensen


A strong and poetic love story based on Gunvor Galtung Haavik’s double life through 30 years. During the Cold War, she was employed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and assigned to the Norwegian Embassy in Moscow. With the information she had access to in the capacity of her position as interpreter and secretary, she frequently fed the KGB secret information, in her role as a Russian agent.

international title: Ice Kiss
original title: Iskyss
country: Norway
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Knut Erik Jensen
film run: 83'
release date: NO 03/10/2008
screenplay: Knut Erik Jensen, Alf R. Jacobsen
cast: Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Aleksander Bukharov, Per Egil Aske, Evgeny Sidikhin, Vladimir Chernyshov, Morten Traavik
cinematography by: Svein Krøvel
film editing: Inge-Lise Langfeldt
art director: Galius Klicius
costumes designer: Bente Winther Larse, Vaida Venckute
music: Inge-Lise Langfeldt
producer: Egil Ødegaard, Robertas Urbonas, Aamund Johannesen, Anders Graham
production: Filmhuset
distributor: SEG Distribusjon
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