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by Nicolae Margineanu


Emil lives in a small country town. He works in a factory, but like in the rest of the world, the crisis sets in. Strikes, scuffles between workers and police: a familiar sight resembling of the numerous other images that are broadcast on TV or presented in theatres. Evidences of a futile revolution... The situation becomes unbearable when also Anne, Emil’s wife, loses her job. No more income, no more future. Just like pioneers back in the day, searching for a new world, Emil and his wife decide to leave the country together with their son Dorin and move to Australia. But to flee the suburbs of Romania and take the leap to Oceania, one has to pass by Bucharest. Trap or trampoline? When the family has sold their apartment and car, Emil leaves for the capital to complete the visa and exchange lies into dollars. Except, nothing goes as planned. Cheated and ripped, he returns home completely broken. Cornered, he is overtaken by only one desire: revenge. Anger seems to be his only way out. But is it right to fight those who have betrayed him with their own weapons?

international title: Exchange
original title: Schimb valutar
country: Romania
sales agent: Insomnia World Sales
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Nicolae Margineanu
screenplay: Tudor Voican
cast: Cosmin Selesi, Aliona Munteanu, Andi Vasluianu, Doru Ana, Rodica Ionescu
cinematography by: Mihai Serbusca
film editing: Nita Chivulescu
art director: Nicu Resteanu
music: Petru Margineanu
producer: Nicolae Margineanu
production: Ager Film
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