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by Stamatis Tsarouhas


An allegorical title, Carousel represents the cycles of Elli’s life. She is a young woman who, having been “cured” of psychological traumas after being raped as a teenager, now deals with the difficulties of daily life. A photographer by profession, she devotes much time to taking care of her young children who have been abused. At the same time, in order to supplement her income, she opens a café along with her friend Olga. And while everything in her life seems well balanced, a series of successive incidents cause her to regress. At first some curious coincidences remind her of her childhood traumas. Gradually, however, the threat becomes personified with the appearance of a mysterious man. The shadows of the past meet the present resulting in turning Elli’s life into hell...

international title: Carousel
original title: Carousel
country: Greece
sales agent: Hellas Film - Greek Film Centre
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Stamatis Tsarouhas
film run: 84'
screenplay: Sofia Sotiriou
cast: Sofia Sotiriou, Avgoustinos Remoundos, Takis Moshos, Zacharias Rochas, Costas Terzakis, Nikos Pantelidis
cinematography by: Constantinos Potamianos, Panayiotis Golfis
film editing: Stamatis Tsarouhas, Stefanos Karavolos
art director: Lambrini Kardara
costumes designer: Lambrini Kardara
music: Yannis Baroutis
producer: Stamatis Tsarouhas, Lilette Botassi
production: Cinorama, Inkas Film Productions
backing: Hellenic Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace, Greek Film Center
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