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by Nicolas Winding Refn


Michael Peterson, a well-born, violent, English nineteen-year-old in search of fame, decides to hold up a post office with a rifle. He is arrested after getting away with a very meager haul and is sentenced to seven years in prison. But his thirst for fame doesn’t die down in prison and he never misses an opportunity to get his name in the papers through attacks, assaults and kidnapping. He ends up spending the next thirty-four years in prison, thirty of them in isolation.

international title: Bronson
original title: Bronson
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: Protagonist Pictures, EEAP Eastern European Acquisition Pool GmbH
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Nicolas Winding Refn
film run: 92'
release date: UK 13/03/2009, FR 15/07/2009, CZ 23/07/2009, DK 24/07/2009, FI 21/08/2009, SE 28/08/2009, NO 11/09/2009, GR 16/12/2010, IT 10/06/2011
screenplay: Brock Norman Brock
cast: Tom Hardy, Amanda Burton, Matt King, Hugh Ross, Kelly Adams, Terry Stone, Joe Tucker
cinematography by: Larry Smith
film editing: Matthew Newman
art director: Adrian Smith
costumes designer: Sian Jenkins
producer: Daniel Hansford, Rupert Preston, Jane Hooks
production: Vertigo Films, Str8jacket Creations, Aramid Ent, 4DH Film Production
distributor: Vértigo Films, Le Pacte, Scanbox Entertainment Finland, Scanbox Entertainment Sweden, One Movie

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