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by Magnus Carlsson


Desmond and his friends have had enough. They're just not prepared to be terrorised any longer by the ghastly monster that lives in the swamp behind Mr Crocodile's house and that it always coming out to make the lives of the inhabitants of Raspberry Wood unbearable. That is, if he exits; because no one's seen him. But who else could have nicked Desmond's beautifully sun-ripened apples, Bessi Cow's nail-varnish collection, Willie's elecric guitar, Sebastian Hare's boxing gloves and Mrs Crocodile's news CD, Romantic Songs of Solidarity? No, they've had enough of it. They decide to construct a trap: a Swamp Barbarian Trap!

international title: Desmond & The Swamp Barbarian Trap
original title: Desmond & träskpatraskfällan
country: Sweden
year: 2008
genre: animation
directed by: Magnus Carlsson
screenplay: Magnus Carlsson
cinematography by: Claudio Fransson
film editing: Fredrik Morheden
producer: Magnus Carlsson, Maritha Norstedt
production: Jolly Patron AB Production, Film i Väst
distributor: Svensk Filmindustri AB, Twin Film (NL), Jekino (BE), Les Films du préau (FR)
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