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by Francis Huster


Jeanne – an attractive widow – announces her re-marriage to Charles and throws him out of her house, along with his dog. She was his mistress after the death of her husband, who was Charles’ best friend, during their years in the navy. Pregnant by an unknown father, Leïla, the young domestic employee can only offer him her affection and radiant smile. In return, Charles gives her much more. With no financial resources other than a meagre pension, the street awaits Charles and his dog. Nobody holds out their hand to him and his dignity prevents him from holding out his own. And when they find themselves alone on the railway track, does the roar of the approaching train herald the end or the beginning of another life?

international title: A Man and His Dog
original title: Un homme et son chien
country: France, Italy
sales agent: Orly Films, Coach 14
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Francis Huster
release date: FR 14/01/2009
cast: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Julika Jenkins, Francis Huster, Hafsia Herzi, Jean Dujardin, Vincent Jasinskij
cinematography by: Vincent Jeannot
film editing: Luciana Reali
art director: Dominique André
costumes designer: Claire Fraïssé
music: Philippe Rombi
producer: Jean-Louis Livi
production: F Comme Film, Canal+
distributor: Océan Films
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