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by Tamás Sas


David is king of life, media darling, tabloid star, and always surrounded by women. Until today, when his rich girlfriend leaves for good, and his publisher sues him for failing to deliver a new book in three years. David is in instant need of money. The enchanting executive of the publishing company brings him to an ultimatum: if he manages to write a book within 10 days, hell get his money and reputation back. She even offers the topic: Why are there so many lonely young women in nowdays? This is how he gets into the terrifying situation, for the first time in his life, where he has to listen to and understand what women tell him. He meets 10 women in 10 days, and before he realizes what is going on around him, his life as he know it would never be the same again.

international title: 9 and a Half Dates
original title: 9 és 1/2 randi
country: Hungary
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Tamás Sas
release date: HU 14/02/2008
screenplay: Norbert Köbli
cast: Iván Fenyö, Patricia Kovács, Gábor Hevér, Tibor Gáspár, Andrea Söptei, Viktória Szávai
cinematography by: Marton Miklauzic
music: Robert Gulya
producer: Ádám Neményi
production: Next Station Production, World Film Entertainment
distributor: Budapest Film
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