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by Janos Edelenyi


A retarded 55 year old man loses his mother, his only support and care. He is joined on the run by a gypsy girl with a questionable past. Together they embark on a desperate cross border journey, develop a friendship and "come of age" each in their own unique way.

international title: Prima Primavera
original title: Prima Primavera
country: Bulgaria, Hungary, United Kingdom, Netherlands
sales agent: EastWest Filmdistribution GmbH
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Janos Edelenyi
release date: HU 16/04/2009
screenplay: Paul Salamon, Endre Hules, Maria Stankova
cast: Andor Lukáts, Vesela Kazakova, Antonie Kamerling, Enikö Börcsök, Erzsi Máthé, Djoko Rosic
cinematography by: Tibor Máthé
film editing: Károly Szalai
art director: István Galambos
costumes designer: Ina Hristova
music: Patrick Hawes
producer: Steve Bowden, Pavlina Jeleva, Georgy Cholakov, Arry Voorsmit, Péter Miskolczi
production: Geopoly, Eurofilm Studio Ltd, Vita Nova Films, Riba Filmproductions
backing: Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (MMKA), TV2, Bulgarian National Film Center, Bulgarian National Television, Eyeworks Holding, MEDIA Programme
distributor: Mokep
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