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by Pater Sparrow


In the 21st century, somewhere in Eastern Europe. A bookshop renowned for its rare works is mysteriously and completely filled with copies of a book entitled 1, which doesn’t appear to have a publisher or author. The strange almanac describes what happens to the whole of humanity in the space of a minute. A police investigation begins and the bookshop staff are placed in solitary confinement by the Bureau for Paranormal Research (RDI Reality Defense Institute). As the investigation progresses, the situation becomes more complex and the book increasingly well known, raising numerous controversies.

international title: 1
original title: 1
country: Hungary
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Pater Sparrow
screenplay: Pater Sparrow, Stanislaw Lem, Judit Góczán
cast: Lazlo Sinko, Pál Mácsai, Zoltán Mucsi, Vica Kerekes
cinematography by: Máté Tóth Widamon
film editing: Wanda Kiss
costumes designer: Erika Gadus
music: Dom, Spaso, Dávid Szesztay
producer: András Tóth
production: Honeymood Films, Cameofilm, Moviebar Productions, Visionteam
backing: Magyar Televizio, Hungarian Cultural Ministry
distributor: CineBinario Films

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