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by Stefano Bessoni


They say that in 1600s, long before the invention of photography, a scientist named Fumagalli, was obsessed with the idea of reproducing images. He discovered that by killing a victim and removing his eyeballs it was possible to reproduce on paper the last image imprinted on the person's retina. He named such tecnique "Thanatography". Today, the same kind of gruesome ritual and abominable crimes recur within the walls of an international school of cinema...

original title: Imago Mortis
country: Italy, Spain
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Stefano Bessoni
film run: 109'
release date: IT 16/01/2009, ES 24/07/2009
screenplay: Stefano Bessoni, Luis Alejandro Berdejo
cast: Alberto Amarilla, Álex Angulo, Francesco Carnelutti, Geraldine Chaplin, Oona Chaplin, Anna Cuculo
cinematography by: Arnaldo Catinari
film editing: Raimondo Aiello, Consuelo Catucci
art director: Briseide Siciliano
costumes designer: Alessandra Torella
music: Zacarías M. de la Riva
producer: Sonia Raule, Álvaro Augustín, Marco Guidone, Fernando Ghia
production: Pixstar, Telecinco Cinema, I.I.D. (IE)
distributor: Medusa Film, Aurum (ES)
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