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by Tonino De Bernardi


In Gorgiti, a mountain town in Tuscany, Carlo and Grazia spend every night baking bread in their wood-burning stove for retailers: it’s a family tradition. In Centocelle, on the outskirts of Rome beyond piazza delle Camelie, a few young people pass moments of their life together. Parallel existences in far-flung and dissimilar universes in today’s Italy, opposites in the generational turnover that are perhaps irreconcilable as well.

original title: Pane/Piazza delle Camelie
country: Italy
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Tonino De Bernardi
film run: 97'
screenplay: Tonino De Bernardi
cast: Giulietta De Bernardi, Chiara Pauluzzi, Fulvio Baglivi, Chiara Cocolini, Véronique Bouteille, Cristina Brugnano, Pia de Silvestris, Adamo Vergine, Tessi Momo, Silvia Palermo
cinematography by: Tonino De Bernardi
music: Véronique Bouteille
producer: Tonino De Bernardi
production: Lontane Province Film
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