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by Nikos Panayotopoulos


Athens – Istanbul is the route followed quite by chance, by the hero of the film, a mature man, who after his recent divorce from his wife of many years and on the verge of depression, sets off on a journey in his car without a real purpose. Initially his final destination appears to be Thessaloniki, on the pretext of visiting his sick father. But quite unexpectedly, however, events on the National Road force him to play a key role in an adventure, which will culminate, after many stops and detours, in Istanbul.

international title: Athens-Istanbul
original title: Athina - Konstadinoupoli
country: Greece
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Nikos Panayotopoulos
screenplay: Nikos Panayotopoulos, Michel Fais
cast: Lefteris Voyatzis, Alexia Kaltsiki, Dimitris Poulikakos
cinematography by: Kostas Gikas
film editing: Takis Yannopoulos
costumes designer: Marianna Spanoudaki
production: Greek Film Center, Finos Film, Alpha TV, Movielab Ltd, Cinegram SA, Marianna Films
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